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Pacquiao - Cotto 2 | Are you interested?

I am too feel not interested of Manny fighting Miguel Cotto if ever the Puerto Rican is next in lieu of Floyd. No matter how Cotto redeemed himself from Margarito, he already had his chance on Manny and it was proven Manny was far better. Be reminded that the
match was not even close!

However, just like Pacquiao maturing as a fighter, fans should also become mature of their view of a fighter. Manny Pacquiao I believe has surpassed high expectations from his Filipino fans. He yielded to clamor,fought with flag and country in hisheart and faced and beat the best fighters of his era.

As an upstart he asked for our support and we gave it to him, then he proved that our support is not wasted as he put the Filipinos on the boxing map.
Now, he is about to wind up his career that it is just rational to go with the business perspective of the fight game. It is not Pacman's fault failing to fight Floyd, he has done his part. If the move declining Floyd right now is due to business motives, for me that is just okay.

As after all it is Floyd whom I
believe is unreasonable not only at this current failure to make the fight
but in the past as well. Fans should know the moral cycle of supporting a boxer. Manny has done it for us.

Let him finish his career the
way he prepares his future after
boxing. :)


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